Rail Graphics will cease operations on December 31, 2017.  They wil not accept orders AFTER December 1, 2017

Rail Graphics has been producing high quality screen printed decals since 1979.  They offer the greatest flexibility in selecting lettering styles and sizes regardless of the scale you model.  Available sets offer your roadname, initials, and numbers in two sizes; plus heralds in one or two sizes of your choice.  They also print decales from your computer generated files and accept files in PDF format.


June 3, 2017

Train Central is taking pre-orders for the Milwaukee Road Hiawatha locomotive and train offered by Fox Valley Models through Walthers.  Come to the shop to see a previous run of these exquisite models.  Get ready to highball to Chicago at 100 MPH with this train!

Please check manufacturer announcements for models of your favorite railroads.  Train Central does not have the financial resources to order many items on speculation, so don't just think we might have a newly released item ready for purchase.  Come on in or call with your pre-orders today!  No prepayment necessary for most pre-orders.