Rail Graphics will cease operations on December 31, 2017.  They wil not accept orders AFTER December 1, 2017

Rail Graphics has been producing high quality screen printed decals since 1979.  They offer the greatest flexibility in selecting lettering styles and sizes regardless of the scale you model.  Available sets offer your roadname, initials, and numbers in two sizes; plus heralds in one or two sizes of your choice.  They also print decales from your computer generated files and accept files in PDF format.

Interested in making an attempt to preserve the Nickle Plate Heritage Railroad tracks from Fishers to Noblesville?  Go to for information on how.


August 27, 2017

Bachmann has announced new products!  Just some highlights

  • Pennsylvania GP30 has a new number.  Some GP30's continue to toil on today's railroads.
  • The SD7 has Penn Central style numbers applied after 1962.  Other road names provide colorful paint scheme.
  • The New York Central Bay Window Caboose is a winner.  Short bay window as opposed to what Athearn always produced and it is in the as-delivered scheme.  The Nickle Plate caboose will look great tailing a train pulled by the Berkshire!
  • The 60' box cars with the FRED on the coupler should be a hit too.  This will make it easy to model today's caboose-less trains.

And all you modern modelers need a fan trip engine and the N&W Class J will fill the bill nicely!